In the vast realm of online shopping, Amazon stands as a global giant, connecting consumers to an unparalleled array of products. However, for those residing in Portugal, the Amazon experience takes a slightly different route. Unlike some countries with dedicated platforms, Portugal doesn’t have its own specific Amazon website. 

This might lead to initial confusion, but fear not – if you’re a Portuguese resident eager to explore Amazon’s expansive offerings, you’re in luck. While Portugal might not have its own dedicated Amazon site, the good news is that Amazon does indeed serve Portuguese customers. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of accessing Amazon’s vast product catalog, making purchases, and ensuring seamless delivery to your doorstep. 

How to buy from Amazon in Portugal?

You have several options for ordering from Amazon in Portugal. You can choose from:

  1. (Spain)
  2. (Germany)
  3. (UK)
  4. (USA)

All these Amazon sites offer shipping to Portugal, but it’s important to note that not every seller may provide this service. To streamline your shopping experience, you can set your location on Amazon to only display products available for shipping to Portugal.

Which Amazon should you shop?

When deciding which Amazon store to shop from, (Amazon Spain) is often the optimal choice for various reasons:

  • The currency in Spain is the euro, matching Portugal, eliminating the need for currency conversion.
  • Free shipping is offered for orders exceeding €29 and €19 in case of books.
  • Generally, it provides faster delivery compared to other Amazon stores.
  • Amazon Spain is accessible in both Portuguese and Spanish, enhancing the user experience for Portuguese speakers.

The next viable option is (Amazon Germany). While products might be occasionally more budget-friendly here, keep in mind that you may usually incur postage charges. Due to the greater distance, delivery times are likely to extend by a day or two compared to Amazon Spain

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Amazon Prime

Frequent orders from Amazon Spain may make Amazon Prime (Spain) worthwhile. The Prime membership offers free 2-day delivery on many items to Portugal. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that standard delivery to Portugal is often complimentary for orders exceeding €29. If you don’t mind a slightly longer delivery time and typically meet the free shipping threshold, opting for a Prime membership may not be necessary.

Amazon Lockers in Portugal

Amazon Lockers provide a convenient alternative for receiving Amazon orders, allowing customers to pick up their packages from secure self-service lockers located in various locations. 

Unfortunately, while these lockers are widespread in many countries, their absence in Portugal means that customers may need to rely on traditional delivery methods to receive their Amazon orders. 

Alternatives for online shopping in Portugal

In Portugal, besides Amazon, there are several noteworthy alternatives for online shopping, catering to diverse preferences and needs. Worten, a popular electronics and appliance retailer, offers a wide array of tech products with convenient delivery options. FNAC is another well-known platform that not only specializes in electronics but also features an extensive selection of books, music, and cultural items. 

For fashion enthusiasts, Zara, H&M, and Portuguese-based La Redoute provide trendy clothing and accessories online. Additionally, OLX, a local classifieds platform, connects buyers with sellers for pre-owned goods, offering a unique marketplace experience.


  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Popularity in Portugal: eBay is well-established in Portugal and is a go-to platform for both buying and selling a wide range of new and used items. It has a dedicated user base in the country.
  • Website: eBay Portugal


  • Country of Origin: France
  • Popularity in Portugal: Fnac is a renowned retailer specializing in electronics, books, music, and entertainment-related products. It has a strong presence in Portugal and is a trusted source for tech and entertainment enthusiasts.
  • Website: Fnac Portugal


  • Country of Origin: Portugal
  • Popularity in Portugal: Worten is a Portuguese electronics and appliance retail chain with a significant presence in the country. It’s well-known for its physical stores and online platform, offering a wide selection of electronic goods.
  • Website: Worten Portugal


  • Country of Origin: OLX is a global online classifieds platform, originally founded in Argentina.
  • Popularity in Portugal: OLX is widely popular in Portugal for buying and selling a broad range of items, from electronics and furniture to vehicles and real estate. It’s a go-to platform for local and international users.
  • Website: OLX Portugal
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Delivering orders to Portugal

Delivering issues in Portugal, particularly related to online orders, can sometimes pose challenges for customers. Factors such as varying shipping times, customs regulations, and potential import fees may contribute to delays or complications. 

Customers may encounter issues with international deliveries, especially if ordering from platforms based outside of Portugal. Additionally, while major cities and urban areas usually experience smoother delivery processes, more remote regions or islands, such as the Azores and Madeira, may face extended shipping times.

Amazon delivery to Azores and Madeira

Certain sellers on Amazon may have limitations on delivering to Madeira and the Azores, and as a result, finding alternatives may require some additional effort. Customers in these regions are advised to carefully review shipping information provided by individual sellers during the checkout process. 

If a specific seller does not offer delivery to Madeira and the Azores, it may be necessary to explore alternative sellers or products that accommodate shipping to these locations.

Frequently asked questions about Amazon in Portugal

Does Amazon have a dedicated website for Portugal?

No, Amazon does not have a specific website for Portugal. Portuguese customers can use other Amazon websites such as (Spain), (Germany), (UK), or (USA).

Does Amazon Prime work in Portugal?

Yes, Amazon Prime is available for customers in Portugal, providing benefits such as free and expedited shipping, access to Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, and exclusive deals.

Do all Amazon sellers deliver to Madeira and the Azores?

No, some sellers on Amazon may have restrictions and choose not to deliver to Madeira and the Azores. Customers may need to review shipping information or explore alternative sellers.

How much does it cost Amazon deliveries to Portugal?

As you’re likely accustomed to, book orders exceeding €19 and any other orders surpassing €29 qualify for free delivery to Portugal when placed through