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Portugal Residency Advisors, believe that we are transparent with respect to how we process the data. This Cookies Policy is designed to inform you about our usage of cookies and is part of our Privacy Policy, which also contains additional information.

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IP address

What happens when you visit the site?

Each time you connect to the internet you are automatically assigned a special identifying number known as an IP Address. This IP Address, which contains information regarding the location of your computer on the internet (your country of origin) and the name of your internet service provider (“ISP”), is automatically registered by the website.

What is an IP address?

When you begin your internet session, your computer is automatically assigned a specific number, known as an IP address. This is your computer’s unique address on the internet. Without an IP address, websites couldn’t deliver their content to you given that they would not be able to locate your computer on the internet. Whenever you reconnect to the internet a new IP address is automatically assigned to your computer, however IP addresses are not capable of identifying you.

How do we gather your IP address?

Every time you visit a page on the website, your computer sends out a message asking for the desired content to be delivered. This message also encloses your IP Address as a form of “return address”, so that our website may find your computer to send it that requested material. All these messages are automatically logged by our website.

What do we do with your IP address?

When your IP address is logged, the information obtained is combined with the other logged IP addresses to provide us with the statistics on the geographical location of visitors to our website, the average time spend on the site, which are the most popular pages and other statistical data. We collect your IP address automatically and store it in log files. These files also contain information relating to your browser type, ISP, operating system, date/time and the files visited on website.


Portugal Residency Advisors website use cookies to recognize you from other users when using our website. These technologies allow us to provide you with a better experience and to improve the website, and provide the Client personalized content, offers, campaigns, promotions, or simply information.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are text files that are downloaded to your computer and used to store visitor activity and Internet log data. We may use cookies or other similar technology to automatically gather information about you when you visit our website.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies help us to remember who you are. Cookies enable us the ability to distinguish. you across all our website pages and to remember choices you make, such as your preferred language and search criteria preferences. Cookies also help us identify you when you visit our website again.

Which kinds of cookies do we use?

Although there are many kinds of cookies, our website uses:

Technical Cookies: We use technical cookies to make our site as user-friendly as possible and to better understand the needs of our users. We employ technical cookies to display our website to you and for several back-end technological functions to provide you an outstanding user experience. They’re a critical component of how our website functions and provides you with the features you see on the site.

Functional Cookies: Functional cookies allows to remember your preferences to make our site as simply as possible for you to use. For instance, these cookies enable us to remember your chosen search parameters or language. Although functional cookies are not essential to website’s functioning, they ensure a better user experience and provide key benefits to visitors like you.

Analytics Cookies: These cookies help us to monitor how users interact with our website, identify areas for improvement, and provide the most relevant information possible. They gather information about the pages you entered and left, the pages you visited and when, the number of clicks you made on each page, how much you scrolled, search words you use and any other text you typed on our website.

Commercial Cookies: The commercial cookies on our website include both our own cookies and third-party cookies which we use to display relevant advertising on our website. These advertisements are directed to specific users based on their browsing habits.

Third-party cookies: Portugal Residency Advisors could make use of third-party cookies from respectable, trusted online marketing and advertising firms. All these cookies are from providers which are committed to strict guidelines of responsible data management and corporate practices.

Web Beacons: Portugal Residency Advisors occasionally uses web beacons in addition to cookies. Web beacons are one-pixel images that are downloaded to your computer as part of a web page request or in an email message that contains HTML. 

How to manage cookies?

You can configure your browser to allow or refuse cookies. The user has the option to set their browser to either always notify them when a cookie is received or to refuse cookies altogether. However, Portugal Residency Advisors recommend that this will prevent you from taking full advantage of our services and from getting the most individualized experience on our website.