Feeling overwhelmed by Portuguese real estate options? You’re in the right place for guidance. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the best places to buy real estate in Portugal, providing valuable insights and information to help you make an informed decision about your investment. 

Whether you’re seeking a beachfront villa, a charming countryside retreat, or a vibrant city apartment, we’ll explore the top destinations across Portugal that offer exceptional value and investment potential. So sit back, relax, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together to find your dream property in Portugal.

Buying Real Estate in Lisbon

Despite higher prices, Lisbon is the top choice for real estate investments in the country. When compared to other European cities, Lisbon stands out as a highly attractive market for investors as per Statista report from 2022.

Prices of Buying Property in Lisbon

According to the most recent data from February 2024 provided by Idealista, Portugal’s largest real estate portal, the average asking price for purchasing property in Lisbon is €5,538 per square meter.

However, when looking at the broader Metropolitan area of Lisbon, the average price decreases to €3,987 per square meter. Keep in mind that the ultimate price will vary depending on the specific neighborhood you select for your residence.

Rental Yields in Lisbon

For investors looking to rent out property, you can expect a Gross Rental Yield of 5.67% for properties located in Lisbon’s city center. Meanwhile, in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, the Gross Rental Yield increases to 6.52%. These figures indicate the potential return on investment through rental income, making both city center and metropolitan area properties attractive options for rental investors in Lisbon.

Best Lisbon's Neighborhoods

For expats considering purchasing real estate in Lisbon, several neighborhoods offer unique charm and investment potential:

Principe Real

Known for its bohemian atmosphere and leafy streets, Principe Real is popular among expats seeking a trendy yet tranquil lifestyle. This neighborhood boasts elegant mansions, boutique shops, and picturesque gardens, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a sophisticated urban retreat.


Renowned as Lisbon’s cultural and commercial hub, Chiado exudes an unmistakable charm with its historic buildings, chic cafes, and vibrant arts scene. Expats drawn to Chiado can immerse themselves in the city’s rich heritage while enjoying convenient access to upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment options.


Steeped in history and charm, Alfama is Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood, characterized by its narrow cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and stunning views of the Tagus River. Expats captivated by Alfama’s authentic atmosphere can experience the city’s traditional Fado music, explore historic landmarks, and savor local cuisine in charming tavernas.


Nestled between the historic center and the lush Estrela Park, this tranquil neighborhood offers a perfect blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. Expats seeking a peaceful residential area with spacious squares, elegant architecture, and green spaces will find Estrela an attractive option for settling down in Lisbon.

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Buying Real Estate in Porto

Porto is the second major city of Portugal, following Lisbon. In recent years, Porto has undergone significant real estate revitalization, driven by the demand from foreigners, particularly digital nomads attracted to its charm, architectural landscape, and lower cost of living compared to Lisbon.

Prices of Buying Property in Porto

The average cost of buying a property in Porto city center is €4055 per square meter. However, when considering the metropolitan area of Porto, the prices decrease to €2581 per square meter, making the city a highly attractive landscape for investors.

Rental Yields in Porto

Porto offers investors attractive rental yields, making it a prime choice for maximizing returns compared to other Portuguese cities. Investors can expect a Gross Rental Yield of 7.72% in the city center of Porto. Moreover, in the metropolitan area of Porto, the Gross Rental Yield is even higher, standing at 9.13%.

Best Porto's Neighborhoods

For expats considering buying real estate in Porto, several neighborhoods offer unique appeal and investment potential:


Situated in the heart of Porto, Baixa is the city’s historic downtown area, renowned for its charming streets, vibrant atmosphere, and rich cultural heritage. Expats drawn to Baixa can enjoy convenient access to iconic landmarks, trendy cafes, and bustling markets, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a dynamic urban lifestyle.

Foz do Douro

Located along the scenic Douro River estuary, Foz do Douro is a picturesque seaside neighborhood renowned for its stunning beaches, upscale amenities, and elegant waterfront promenade. Expats captivated by Foz do Douro’s coastal charm can indulge in seaside living, panoramic ocean views, and a relaxed Mediterranean ambiance.


Ribeira, Porto’s historic district, charms with colorful buildings, cobblestone streets, and a bustling riverfront, showcasing its rich heritage. Intrigued expats can explore Ribeira’s timeless charm, with squares, riverside cafes, and a vibrant cultural scene, offering quintessential Porto experiences.

Nestled in the heart of Porto’s historic center, Sé is renowned for its medieval architecture, narrow alleyways, and atmospheric ambiance. Expats seeking a glimpse into Porto’s rich history and cultural heritage can immerse themselves in Sé’s historic landmarks, traditional tavernas, and vibrant local community.

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Buying Real Estate in Cascais

Cascais, on Portugal’s Lisbon District coast, boasts stunning beauty, rich history, and a vibrant cultural scene, attracting visitors worldwide. In-demand Cascais presents diverse property options, from luxurious waterfront villas to charming historic homes, catering to various preferences.

Cascais enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and warm summers, perfect for year-round living or holiday getaways. Picturesque beaches like Guincho and Praia da Rainha attract visitors and residents seeking sun, sand, and sea experiences.

Prices for buying property in Cascais

Comparing Cascais and Lisbon housing prices isn’t easy due to their diverse property landscapes. While Cascais predominantly offers detached houses, Lisbon’s market is dominated by apartments. However, when looking at average prices, Cascais stands out with €7109 per square meter, significantly higher than Lisbon’s €5569 per square meter. This difference reflects the premium attached to Cascais’s exclusive seaside lifestyle and luxurious properties.

Buying Real Estate in Comporta and Melides

For expats considering buying real estate in Comporta and Melides, two captivating destinations in Portugal, here’s what you need to know:


Known for its pristine beaches, rolling sand dunes, and serene atmosphere, Comporta offers a tranquil retreat amidst nature’s beauty. Expats seeking a peaceful coastal lifestyle will find Comporta’s unspoiled landscapes, charming villages, and exclusive beachfront properties irresistible.


Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Alentejo plains, Melides boasts scenic vistas, vast cork forests, and idyllic countryside charm. Expats drawn to Melides can enjoy a harmonious blend of rural tranquility and coastal allure, with opportunities for secluded retreats, agricultural estates, and eco-friendly developments.

Prices of Buying Property in Comporta and Melides

The real estate prices in Melides and Comporta reflect the allure of these coastal paradises. In Melides, the average price stands at €8,937 per square meter, while in Comporta, it’s slightly lower at €7,849 per square meter. Despite the higher prices, both locations offer unparalleled natural beauty, serene surroundings, and exclusive amenities, making them sought-after destinations for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle in Portugal.

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Buying Real Estate in the Algarve

The Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region, extends along the country’s sun-kissed coastline and is officially designated as the Faro District, with Faro as its capital city.

Comprising 16 municipalities, each boasting its own distinct allure, from pristine beaches and historic landmarks to lush natural parks, the Algarve is a coveted destination for tourists seeking sun-soaked adventures and a laid-back lifestyle.

Home to over 469,938 residents, as per official data from Pordata, the Algarve also hosts a thriving expatriate community, with more than 105,000 foreign residents comprising 22% of the population. The blend of locals and expats enriches the region’s culture, making Portugal an appealing choice for relocation.

Prices of Buying Property in the Algarve

Best areas for buying property in the Algarve

Expats eyeing Porto real estate can find enticing investment and lifestyle opportunities in diverse Algarve coastal destinations:


Located at the southwestern tip of Portugal, Sagres is renowned for its rugged coastline, dramatic cliffs, and pristine beaches. Expats drawn to Sagres can enjoy a laid-back atmosphere, world-class surfing spots, and breathtaking natural scenery, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an active outdoor lifestyle.


With its charming historic center, picturesque marina, and stunning beaches, Lagos is a vibrant coastal town with a rich cultural heritage. Expats intrigued by Lagos can explore its bustling markets, lively nightlife, and diverse range of properties, from traditional townhouses to modern apartments overlooking the sea.


As one of the Algarve’s most popular tourist destinations, Albufeira boasts golden sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a bustling waterfront promenade. Expats captivated by Albufeira can experience its lively atmosphere, family-friendly amenities, and wide selection of properties, including beachfront villas, golf resort homes, and luxury condominiums.


Known for its prestigious marina, championship golf courses, and upscale lifestyle, Vilamoura is a premier destination for luxury living in the Algarve. Expats seeking a sophisticated resort experience can indulge in Vilamoura’s world-class amenities, designer boutiques, and exclusive properties, ranging from waterfront villas to golf course estates.


Tavira, on the eastern Algarve coast, captivates with historic charm, cobbled streets, and a serene riverfront. Enchanted expats in Tavira relish historic landmarks, quaint cafes, and Portuguese culture, savoring a laid-back coastal lifestyle.

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Frequently asked questions about Best places to buy property in Portugal

What are the best regions to buy property in Portugal?

Portugal offers a variety of attractive regions for property investment. Some popular options include Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve, Cascais, Comporta and Melides.

What factors should I consider when choosing a location to buy property in Portugal?

Consider budget, lifestyle, amenities, accessibility, rental income, resale value, and legal regulations when buying property abroad.

Is it better to buy property in a city or a rural area in Portugal?

This depends on your personal preferences and investment goals. Lisbon and Porto offer urban amenities and higher rental yields; rural areas provide tranquility, natural beauty, and affordable prices.

Which areas offer the best value for money when buying property in Portugal?

Outside major cities, emerging areas like Marvila in Lisbon or Melides may offer great value and revitalization opportunities.

What are the main benefits of buying property in popular tourist destinations like Lisbon or Porto?

Investing in tourist destinations offers high rental income potential, strong tourist demand, and property appreciation prospects.

Are there any up-and-coming areas in Portugal that offer good investment opportunities?

Yes, Aveiro, Coimbra, Braga, and Setúbal are popular with investors for affordability, amenities, and growth potential.

What are the legal requirements for foreigners buying property in Portugal?

Foreigners are generally allowed to buy property in Portugal without restrictions. They need a Portuguese tax number (NIF), a bank account, and must follow property acquisition procedures.

What are the potential risks or challenges of buying property in Portugal, and how can they be mitigated?

Risks may include fluctuations in the property market, currency exchange rates, and legal or regulatory changes. Conducting thorough research, seeking professional advice, and diversifying investments can help mitigate these risks.