What is your purpose for immigrating to Portugal? *
Is your income at least €9,840 per year or more? *
Have you already secured a contract or a promessa of contract? *
Is your average income at least €3,280 per month? *
Do you have an innovative idea, a solid business plan, and sufficient funds? *
Does your family member have legal residence in Portugal? *
The Portugal Golden Visa requires a minimum investment amount of €250.000. Are you willing to commit with the minimum spending? *
Are you capable of securing a job in Portugal within 6 months after your arrival? *
Do you have a letter of acceptance from a higher education institution? *
Is your passport valid for at least six months beyond your planned date of arrival in Portugal? *
Have you checked if your criminal record could affect your eligibility to move to Portugal? *
Do you have legal residence in the country where you plan to submit your visa application? *
Are you willing to spend more than 183 days in the country? *
Can you provide evidence of sufficient economics funds to cover your living expenses in Portugal? *
Please choose the range that describe your current financial situation. *
Do you have comprehensive health insurance coverage for your stay in Portugal? *
Are you willing to arrange accommodation in Portugal for a minimum of 12 months? *
Are you including any family members in your immigration process? *

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